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Stone People Jewellery

Buy a Mookaite Crystal from Us for Positive Energy

Mookaite helps to raise your vibration while keeping it grounded and in turn creates stronger protection. The Mookaite crystal will bring balancing energy to your life to keep you calm and centred amidst chaos.

Why You can Trust us Regarding Mookaite Jewellery

We have worked with greenstone and crystals for years, and we understand each of their properties. We source crystals the world over to bring you their attributes in a perfectly crafted pendant or sterling silver jewellery setting.

  • Origins. One can find the Mookaite Jasper in the Creek of Kennedy ranges in Western Australia. It is said to hold healing properties that can restore tissue and boost your immune system when worn on your body.
  • We choose our stones from only the best sources and we, as far as possible, try and source the crystals as ethically as we can.
  • We have been working with gemstones and crystals for years, and we know how to combine craftsmanship and spiritual elements to make the stones look their best for you to wear.

If you wish to portray that you are proudly New Zealand, you can't go wrong with a Mookaite piece. We have taken hi-def pictures of every angle of the jewellery so you know exactly what they look like and can choose your Mookaite jewellery with confidence.

Related Products we Offer to a Mookaite Necklace

When choosing stones, we prefer to keep them in their natural form as far as possible. We only put them in a wearable setting for your convenience and ease of use.

  • Necklaces: When you browse the site, you will see a specific sterling silver section with crystals embedded in silver. The pendants in natural form, on a string can be found under crystals and other stones.
  • Mix and match. You don't feel the same every day nor are your spiritual needs the same, which is why we have different coloured crystals that you can match to meet your needs of the day or the colour of your outfit.
  • We have unique combinations in a special setting such as the Pink Tourmaline and Danburite Pendant. It will bring you healing and soothing from the tourmaline and the spiritual connectedness from the Danburite from the hand of Dean Taylor.

Enhance your life with the natural beauty of stones and quality craftsmanship while supporting local business and communities. It doesn't matter if you are familiar with crystals and their attributes or are only starting, we will guide you with the basic information and what you can expect from every stone.

About Stone People Jewellery

Greenstone, Amethysts, Quartz or more colourful stones such as the Mookaite necklace, we have a variety of crystals that can bring balance, peace or healing into your life. If you are not yet familiar with greenstone and why it is so important to the Maori culture, feel free to contact us if you have any questions.