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Pounamu Pendant NZ

Go Green with Pounamu Pendants in New Zealand

More commonly known as Greenstone, Pounamu is well known for its healing properties when it comes to easing anxiety and stress. Stone People Jewellery offers our customers pounamu pendants in New Zealand so that this gemstone's healing properties can always be with you. We source only the best gemstones and have crafted exquisite pieces over many years to create one of a kind jewellery.


Little Known Facts About Pounamu Jewellery

Maori people would pass Pounamu from parent to child thru the generations in the belief that it would allow family members to commune with the spirit world and their ancestors.

  • As the years have passed Pounamu has been used as a symbol of the bond of family and friendship. A twist Pounamu pendant is commonly given between friends as it is known to intertwine souls.
  • Formed under extreme pressure and heat, Pounamu is considered one of the world's strongest stones and can be used to cut down trees; it has even been known to break granite.
  • The energy held within pounamu is considered to be protective, lucky and promotes good health on all levels of ones being.

The properties of this gemstone can flow throughout your body, leaving you with an overall sense of wellbeing.

Benefits of a Pounamu Necklace

The pounamu's ability to decrease your stress and offers spiritual protection is what makes this gem so special and unique. There are many ways to incorporate this gemstone into your life, not to mention your outfit, to enhance your physical and mental wellbeing. All our pendants and products are hand-crafted giving you a unique piece of jewellery.

  • Many generations past have traditionally used gemstones for healing. By wearing pounamu, your chakras can be aligned and help lessen the feeling of stress and anxiety.
  • By incorporating pounamu into your life, you can help promote self-healing and rid yourself of negative energies. The green colour is associated with growth.
  • Pounamu is also known as the stone of eternal youth. In healing spas, therapists keep the stone close while facials are performed and rub it over the face after the facial.

Why You Should Use Stone People Jewellery

 We only choose the best and beautiful stones from across the globe. Each of our pieces come with a description, allowing you to make the best purchase possible for your needs.

Please feel free to contact us for any information about pounamu gemstones and for help to choose the right pendant or necklace for you or your family and friends.