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Lapis Lazuli Crystal

Enjoy the Elegance of a Wearable Lapis Lazuli Crystal

One of the most vivid semi-precious stones in the world, lapis lazuli crystal has been valued for its beauty and colour for many thousands of years across diverse civilisations. Today, it continues to remain popular because of its deep and intense blue hues and the ease with which jewellers can carve and shape it into unique designs. Whether you have an affinity for the colour variations found within each piece, or you love lapis for its purported metaphysical properties, finding the right piece can be tricky. At Stone People Jewellery, we're excited to share our creations in lapis with you today. Take a moment to think about the legacy of history you engage with by buying lapis lazuli in NZ and what we do to provide a high degree of quality in our accessories.

The History of Lapis Lazuli Jewellery

Did you know that most lapis comes from Afghanistan, the ancient source of virtually all of this stone for many hundreds or even thousands of years? The history of this stone is fascinating on its own. If you aren't sold on buying lapis, you might be once you learn about its background:

  • Even ancient cultures appreciated the natural appeal of the blue hues of lapis lazuli. Exported from the mountains of Afghanistan, people from around the globe sought out these treasures, including the ancient Greeks and the Egyptians. Many pieces of lapis jewellery from these times survive to the modern day.
  • In the medieval era, lapis stone was ground into a very fine powder and mixed with solvents to become a unique pigmented ink and paint known as "ultramarine." This was one of the most expensive colours in the world for hundreds of years.
  • Today, modern jewellers continue to use lapis as a key element in highly unique pieces, both wearable jewellery and in gemstone art.

What to Expect from Stone People Jewellery Regarding Lapis Lazuli Jewellery in NZ

What will you be able to find when you shop with us for accessories such as a lapis lazuli pendant? By putting a focus on beauty, elegance, affordability, and of course quality, we provide jewellery options that are completely unique from piece to piece. When you shop for lapis here, you can anticipate:

  • Clear HD photos from multiple angles so buyers can easily see all the most important colours and the intricate features within the stone itself. Although colours may vary slightly from monitor to monitor, we make it easier to understand what you're about to purchase.
  • Handmade and once-off designs from creators based here in New Zealand. No two stones are exactly alike, and every purchase will yield slightly different results based on the source stone. That's the natural beauty of accessories made with materials such as lapis.
  • Excellent customer service and friendly support when you have questions about a particular piece or about your order. We love to talk about our items, so please don't hesitate to let us know if you'd like to know about an item.

Why Stone People Jewellery is a Cost-Effective Choice for Lapis Lazuli Stone

When well-cared for, lapis jewellery can become heirloom pieces to share across generations. At Stone People Jewellery, we work hard to source high-quality stones while relying on local artisans to craft interesting and innovative pieces. We also believe in making it easy for our clients to enjoy their new items as soon as possible, so we provide free worldwide shipping. No matter when you may be in New Zealand, you can enjoy our jewellery. Find your perfect piece today, or contact us with any questions you may have.