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Jade Pendant NZ

We Ship the Exact Jade Pendant from NZ You Choose Online for Free

View each individually-photographed jade pendant in NZ  from every angle and receive the distinct piece you order. We select every crystal and gemstone for its natural magnificence and craft beautiful pieces from them.

A History of the New Zealand Jade Pendant

Jade is more commonly called Pounamu or Greenstone in New Zealand and has long been prized for its natural beauty and strength as do many other cultures.

  • It carries special significance when you present someone else with a New Zealand Jade or Greenstone pendant. The Māori people treasure Pounamu - Greenstone or Jade – for its spiritual meaning. It symbolizes mana (authority and status) and was often gifted to make peace. They also use it as an adornment but signifies so much more.
  • Jade signifies different things in different parts of the world. It can represent purification or purity, as well as balance and harmony. Many see the stone as a supporter and protector of loving heart energy that symbolises nourishment and gentleness. 
  • Stone Age crafters worldwide moulded this tough gem into ritual objects, ornaments, jewellery, tools, and weapons. Prehistoric humans regarded the carvings as articles that called upon the mystic forces and powers of earth, heaven, life, and death. 

You can purchase a sacred, calming, durable, and exquisite New Zealand jade pendant from us. Wear your jade necklace in NZ with pride and respect to experience good health, luck, love, and abundance.

Little Known Facts About Your Jade Necklace in NZ

The crafters make all our pendants and necklaces by hand, using time-honoured techniques and tools to carve these unique New Zealand-inspired jade jewellery.

  • Jade within New Zealand comes in many colours and patterns, from dark green almost black Kawakawa Pounamu to the very pale green tones of Jade found in the South Westland area of the West Coast. One of our most prized colours comes from the Flower Jade variety also known as Ruakaraka which has beautiful yellow and green colour.
  • A New Zealand Serpentine Pounamu Toki Pendant supports spiritual exploration and meditation and directs healing energy to problematic areas in the body. It can further clear blocked chakras and provides a sense of control over what happens in your life. 

Allan Moreton carved the New Zealand Pounamu Twist Drop pendant, a symbol of love and friendship that indicates two people will always come back together again even if their paths split up. 

Why You Should Use Stone People Jewellery

Our company is proudly New Zealand-owned and operated. We bring great artistry together with spiritual elements to design and make our jewellery lines. 

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