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Crystal Stone Pendant

Wear Our Crystal Stone Pendant as a Functional Accessory to Lift Your Energy

Crystals tune in to your body’s chakras, or energy centres, to prevent energy blockages while supporting your mind and body. Wearing a crystal stone pendant for prolonged periods may raise your vibration and strengthens our aura while making a bold fashion statement. Stone People Jewellery’s wide range of jewellery pieces features various stones in different designs to suit multiple styles. 

Benefits of a Crystal Pendant Necklace

Our hand-crafted pendants provide form and function in a variety of styles.

  • For thousands of years, precious and semi-precious stones have traditionally been used to absorb, store, and emit energy to support your overall wellbeing. Wearing this jewellery increases the positive energy levels in your body, and helps you gain inner strength. Skin contact with your crystal pendants directs you in understanding your inner beliefs and allows you to explore the spiritual world without obstruction from your learnt ideas.
  • Many crystals help to direct your focus in achieving clarity that results in better judgement and emotional stability. This unbiased decision-making power can resolve complex tasks more efficiently. Crystals may help you to ward off negative thoughts, boosting your mood, and empowering you with positive physical and mental attributes to conquer life's intricacies.
  • Wearing crystal jewellery can boosts your confidence. By focusing on things you struggle with, crystals assist you in overcoming and excelling in these areas. Our healing crystal pendants offer comfort and diminish mental doubt and guides you through various challenges.

A History of Healing Crystal Pendants

Over the years, many different cultures have used crystals to benefits them in various ways.

  • Humans have incorporated amulets and talismans into their lives since the beginning of time often using symbolic shapes. Egyptians used healing crystal pendants to combat evil spirits, where Greek sailors wore a crystal pendant necklace to keep them safe while out at sea. The Chinese made musical instruments and chimes from jade, and they often buried emperors in jade armour as a token of respect.
  • Crystals play a part in many religions and receive mention in the Bible, throughout the Koran, and many other sacred scripts. Hinduism features the Kalpa tree made exclusively of precious stones, as an offering to the gods. A seventh-century Buddhist passage describes a throne of diamonds under the tree of knowledge where a thousand Kalpa Buddhists spent their time relaxing. The Indian religion Jainism cleansed stones to retain their positive properties, used in many rituals and healing methods.
  • Many cultures continue the use of crystals in healing ceremonies as their primary curative procedures. Other cultures use crystals in conjunction with mainstream remedies. Each crystal has unique properties to help you achieve the required results. Although many cultures use the same stone for different reasons, individuals choose healing crystal pendants that synchronise with their energies.

Reasons to Choose a Crystal Pendant Necklace

Choosing a crystal is an individual and personal decision, as the jewellery becomes a piece of you. Each crystal signifies unique properties, and as such, it's best to make an informed decision. Contact us to choose your perfect piece that harmonises with, and compliments, your energies.