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Crystal Jewellery NZ

Greenstone and Crystal Jewellery in NZ

You might have already heard about our NZ greenstone and Pounamu jewellery, but do not overlook our variety of other crystal jewellery in NZ. You will find the trusted ones such as the Lapis Lazuli, Quartz and Amethyst in our range of different crystals. Do read up on the different crystal pendants in NZ to get the most from them and their purpose and consider some of the beauties we have and what they bring.

Fast Facts About a Crystal Necklace NZ

Many of our pendants are designed and crafted by Dean Taylor or Allan Moreton. You will receive the pendant pictured, although colours might be slightly different due to the stones' uniqueness, it won't be far from the picture.

  • Amethyst Bound Point Pendant. The amethyst is great for spiritual connection and intuition. If you want to feel more connected with the spiritual realm and more in touch with your intuition, this is the stone for you. It will bring peace and tranquillity, protect you and assist with emotional stability.
  • Rhodochrosite Roimata. The salmon-coloured swirl teardrop crystal is sure to comfort your inner child while helping you heal past hurts that you have brought into the present with you. Bring your inner state back to peace and harmony.
  • Rainbow Fluorite Pendant. If you prefer more of a translucent crystal, the rainbow fluorite will cleanse your soul as the light shines through. It will also bring your clarity of mind while further protecting you and sharpening your awareness.
  • New Zealand Fuchsite in Quartz. From our home soil and crafted by Dean Taylor, you can get this beauty in an Adze or Toki pendant. It is sure to give you the confidence, and the inner peace and strength you need to take on a leadership role.

We source our Jade or Pounamu/Greenstone from New Zealand as well as other local stones like Argillite and Rhodonite, with other crystals from Brazil and Afghanistan, among others, bringing you a full spectrum of the best crystals from the world over. You will also find a treasure trove of Pounamu or greenstone sourced locally and considered sacred to the Maori. Wear it with pride and respect, and it is said to bring you abundance and luck in life.

What You Can Expect from us Regarding Crystal Bracelets in NZ

We know that you won't always be in the mood to wear the same jewellery or different days require different stones for protection or healing. Your outfit for the day might also require a different coloured stone if you wish to match it up. Besides pendants, we bring craftsmanship and spiritual elements together in our crystal earrings NZ, rings and bracelets for every occasion and spiritual need. 

  • Besides providing you with a range of stone options, we also wish to provide some guidance with the stones. We often get asked: "how many crystals can I wear". It is best to see how your body reacts to different stones, you might become confused or light-headed if you wear too many stones together, so it is best to try out what works and how many you can wear simultaneously. Simple combinations are best.
  • Some stones may not be compatible with each other. Ultimately it is the energy you give the stones that will bring you comfort, healing or protection, but some energies might clash. Stones that are the same colour usually go well together as well as the ones with the same uses or from the same mineral groups.
  • The crystals' natural structures will also give you a good indication of whether it might clash or not. The main shapes are cubic, trigonal and hexagonal, and their groupings are best when worn together.

Whatever energy and purpose you charge your crystals with, is your personal preference, it is best to look at the stones and see which ones resonates with your soul and then choose.

About Stone People Jewellery

We have been working with greenstone for years and understand the quality of crystals and their uses. We want you to experience the beauty of our Greenstone crystal necklace in NZ and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.