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Clear Quartz Crystal

Enter the World of Clear Quartz Crystal Beauty

We pride ourselves on choosing the best gemstones and clear quartz crystal to bring spiritual harmony to our jewellery. We believe in the spiritual elements in these stones to leave you feeling amazing.

What Sets Stone People Jewellery Apart When It Comes to a Clear Quartz Necklace

Crystals are known as the healing stone and believed to amplify the energies of any other gemstones it is near.

  • We are passionate about our gemstones and jewellery. A clear quartz pendant necklace is among the most popular type of gemstone jewellery worn by people who believe in their healing properties. Many people believe that wearing these will promote balance and harmony in your life.
  • Our clear quartz crystal pendant jewellery is available in many styles, including shape (such as hearts) and sizes. All our pendants come with adjustable rope, allowing you to adjust how you want to wear your new accessory.
  • With many years in the business, our staff are well-informed about gemstones and can assist our clients with choosing the right gemstone for their needs. We can advise you on which gemstone will suit your desires and how to use the gemstone to maximise its properties.

There are so many uses for crystal jewellery, and we are happy to assist you in finding the crystal that was designed just for you.

A History of the Clear Quartz Pendant Necklace

The use of crystals can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans, who all used these stones for their healing properties.

  • In ancient Egypt, people used crystals as conduits to promote health and protection. Egyptians thought that the use of crystals could prevent nightmares and get rid of evil spirits.
  • The Druids believed that wearing a crystal pendant around your neck could reflect your aura and alter the aura or mind of anyone who came close to them.
  • With crystals being under the earth, many believe that they have accumulated vibrations. When you wear these crystals, the vibrations align with your internal energy system.

Today many health spas use crystals during massages and Reiki healing.

About Stone People Jewellery

We have worked with many different types of gemstones during the years that we have been in this business. We are pedantic about the stones we choose to work with to ensure that our customers receive only the best quality crystals and other semi-precious stones. Our products are hand carved ensuring one of a kind jewellery.

Crystal jewellery also serves as a great gift idea for all types of relationships. Whether it is an acquaintance or a close friend, you are sure to make their day. Contact us now for any queries or information you need about these amazing gemstones or visit our store and pick up your clear quartz pendant or clear quartz necklace today.