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Chrysoprase Crystal

Things You Should Know About the Chrysoprase Crystal

The Chrysoprase Crystal is a highly popular gem that is believed to have healing properties and provide abundance and prosperity to those who wear it. Stone People Jewellery has worked with this gemstone for many years, creating elegant and magnificent jewellery pieces. 

Little Known Facts About the Chrysoprase Stone

  • This beautiful stone is made up of hundreds of small crystals that cannot be seen with the human eye. The luxurious green colour comes from the crystal's ability to harness nickel.
  • The chrysoprase gemstone can be found across the world with the highest quality stones being found in Queensland, Australia. The stone is often referred to as the “Australian Jade”.
  • The gemstone is said to provide its wearer with peace, strength, and security. This particular stone is often given as a gift to provide healing, particularly to one’s emotional being. The properties of the gem can provide one with the emotional strength needed to heal. 

What Sets Stone People Jewellery Apart?

We are passionate about gemstones. Here's what sets us apart.

  • The Chrysoprase crystal is highly popular for its varying shades of green. Our particular stones are harnessed in Australia and are of the highest quality.
  • Our range of Chrysoprase necklaces, such as the chrysoprase heart pendant are hand carved and come with an adjustable cord.
  • We have years of experience working with this particular stone and know what to look for in terms of quality and clarity. We only provide the best stones for our unique pieces. 

Chrysoprase is an extremely popular choice as it can add a pop of colour to any wardrobe. We only use the most exquisite gems and pride ourselves on providing exclusive pieces.

Why You Should Use Stone People Jewellery

We have many years of experience working with precious gems and have a large knowledge base on what sets certain stones apart from others. We procure the most distinctive and naturally beautiful stones from across the globe. Some of our best-sellers are found in Australia. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with customers and the knowledge we can share. We want your shopping experience to be easy, fun, and fulfilling. Each of our pieces come with a description, allowing you to make the best purchase possible for your needs.

We offer unique jewellery that has been handcrafted with detailed elements that make each piece distinctive. Our gems are of the highest class and we believe in each piece that leaves our store and makes its way to the customer. We don’t believe in selling items we wouldn’t personally use and wear. What sets us apart is our ability to provide pieces that cannot be found anywhere else. We welcome you to our brand with open arms and hope to build a long-lasting and honest relationship with you.

Please feel free to contact us at any time. We are here to help in any way possible.