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Amethyst Crystal

Enhance Your Spirituality and Intuition with an Amethyst Crystal Pendant

Known as a natural energy tranquiliser, many believe that an amethyst crystal absorbs any surrounding negative energy, replacing it with calm and insight to enhance your actions. Stone People Jewellery source pure stones, paired with high quality materials, to bring you trendy jewellery in a wide range of styles.

What You Should Know About Amethyst Jewellery

One of the most sought-after stones worldwide, amethyst is not only known for its beauty, but also for its connection to our third eye chakra – the chakra that manages our association to the universe.

  • An amethyst stone is a variety of quartz boasting a unique purple colouring and contains iron and other trace minerals. Found in the cavities of the igneous rock in Brazil, New Zealand designer Dean Taylor hand carves each stone into our amethyst bound point pendant.
  • Many believe that amethysts open one’s third eye - considered a subconscious source of wisdom. Practitioners believe that amethysts enhance spiritual visions, and help a person become more mindful of their actions. Amethyst stones help us tap into our intuition, enabling us to focus on complex tasks and provide efficient inner guidance and judgement.
  • The name amethyst denotes from the Greek term 'amethystos' which directs translates to ‘not drunken’. Ancient Greek’s believed that these gemstones were an antidote for drunkenness, and often embedded them in their drinking goblets to ward off intoxication. 

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Your Amethyst Stone

An amethyst stone’s ability to shift negative energy into positive thoughts and actions is what makes this gem so unique. There are multiple ways to incorporate them into your everyday life to enhance both your physical and mental well-being.

  • When you use your crystals, their natural resonance can become ‘out of tune’, reducing their effect. To get the maximum results, it is vital to clear your healing stones regularly. One of the best ways to do that is by visualization, smudging or using sound vibration like a singing bowl or Tingsha Bells. This clears all negative energy, enabling your crystals to perform optimally.
  • As your amethyst enhances your intuition metaphysically, it can improve your inner guidance. This effect on your intuition can aid in decision-making processes of complex tasks you may be struggling with. Having an amethyst on your body helps with tough decision making. New ideas may present themselves offering solutions to the problems at hand.
  • Placing your amethyst into a specific area of your home allows it to rid any negative energy, and uplift your environment, allowing only positive energies to enter. As negative energy often gets stuck in individual rooms, it can affect your mood and actions associated with that particular area. An amethyst geode cleans the atmosphere to create a more inviting space.

Why Trust Stone People Jewellery Regarding Our Amethyst Necklace

For centuries, alternative medicine practitioners have used crystals to support their clients. We combine these ancient beliefs with cutting edge craftsmanship to bring you beautiful hand-made jewellery pieces, enabling you to keep your precious stones close to you at all times. For additional information on our offering, please don't hesitate to contact us.