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925 Silver

Find Beautiful 925 Silver Accessories for Any Occasion

925 silver, also known as sterling, gets its name from the amount of pure silver content such items contain — 92.5%, to be exact. Other metals, such as copper, make up the remaining percentage and serve to provide the silver with the hardness necessary to make it reliable for working into accessories. With many benefits and an attractive appearance, sterling silver is a popular option for jewellery both on its own and as a part of other items. At Stone People Jewellery, we proudly work high-quality 925 silver into our designs on a regular basis. Providing more than just beautifully selected, cut, and polished stones, we also give them an additional element of elegance by adding silver. Before browsing our inventory, learn about why sterling silver is an excellent material to choose for your jewellery and what you can do with our hand-crafted items.

The Benefits of 925 Sterling Silver from Stone People Jewellery

Sterling silver has been a standard in fine jewellery for centuries, but what about it makes it so ideal for accessories? Why should you look for genuine sterling like the silver we use to create our pieces? There are many benefits to 925 sterling:

  • 925 sterling silver is considered "hypoallergenic" or "non-reactive" because it does not contain certain metals used in lower-quality jewellery items that may cause reactions in some people. Nickel is the most common additive used to replicate silver, but 925 has none of those properties. Real 925 also won't stain your skin like some silver-plated products.
  • Sterling never goes out of style. The simplicity of silver, especially as a setting for semi-precious stones and crystals, makes it timelessly trendy. You'll find it's easy to add to an outfit any time of year.
  • Silver is an affordable precious metal for use in jewellery, especially compared to gold. You get all the benefits — the good look and the body-safe qualities — without the need to pay quite so much.

Why Trust Stone People Jewellery Regarding 925 Jewellery?

Finding accessories you can love for years, such as a 925 silver ring with green stone, shouldn't take your weeks of searching for the right option. At the same time, we know buyers want to make purchases they can count on for quality. What do we do to earn your business?

  • We hand-select every item and we are always cautious about selecting stones from reputable sources.
  • We provide extensive photography of each item so that you can see, as clearly as possible, the unique attributes of each stone we provide. From silver earrings to pendants and more, we equip you with as much information as possible to make a smart purchase.
  • We provide free shipping on all orders over $150 NZD. Why pay more just to receive the purchase you made? We package orders promptly and send them on their way to you as soon as possible.

Creative Ways to Use 925 Silver Sterling Jewellery

One of the most attractive aspects of jewellery using sterling is its versatility. Suitable for occasions from the casual to the formal, and even for everyday wear, there is no limit to what you can do with these accessories — they even make excellent gifts. Some ideas you might explore include:

  • Give a unique gift based on the type of stone set in the jewellery. Perfect for any special occasion, from birthdays to major life milestones, these pieces will "wow" your recipient.
  • Use one of our pieces as props for costuming in stage work and other performances. The unique and eye-catching nature of the stones we provide makes them ideally suited for special applications.
  • Pick jewellery that's ideal for the season, reflecting the weather or your style through unique colours and designs.

About Stone People Jewellery

A fresh face in the world of New Zealand greenstone jewellery, Stone People Jewellery makes handmade quality and one-of-a-kind stones more easily accessible throughout the country. With free shipping no matter where you live, you can enjoy receiving your selected items quickly and inexpensively. By placing care into everything we do, from sourcing stones to shaping them for jewellery, our attention to detail comes through in the finished product. Explore our inventory now, or contact us with any questions.